About Us

Wandering Woodsmen are a small team of reliable, traditional woodsmen. We are not foresters, we are conservation coppicers. With a degree in Ecology and many years working with the Wildlife Trusts, we specialize in SSSI’s and overstood coppice, but are fully experienced in all areas of traditional woodland management.

Our aim is to improve the health of overstood, unmanaged or under-managed woodlands across East Anglia, turning them into productive, thriving, bio-diverse landscapes whilst adding value by increasing their potential yields, which in turn benefits future generations.

We believe in the gentle, sensitive approach to woodland management. We assess each woodland individually, taking into account the owners requirements and tailor the work to suit whilst ensuring good management practice with the minimum of disruption to the woodland.

Our low impact AGT835T tractor and Vahva Jussi 320 4wd timber trailer

We do not use heavy equipment as it can damage ground flora, cause root compaction and be disruptive to the wildlife.  However, we do use chainsaws and specialist low impact machinery for extraction (where necessary) as it is the most financially viable way to do the job and keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum. That said, we would be happy to use hand tools only, for example, in a particularly sensitive area, but this would take us a lot longer and therefore be more expensive. Obviously, we would need to assess the site first to make sure it was viable.

We have set up this business not to make a fortune, but because we love the lifestyle. We are passionate about nature and woodlands and were mentored by Pete Fordham MBE, manager of Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Bradfield Woods NNR.


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